Black Shoals Stock Market Planatarium

A real-time stock market data driven planetarium conceived and developed by the artists Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena.

Thousands of companies from across the world are represented as stars that flicker and glow in as shares are traded on various stock exchanges. The brightness and duration of the glow indicates the volume of the trading activity and the stars slowly drift in response to the complex movements of capital in the markets. My role on this project was that of Chief Programmer, responsible for design and implementation of most of the software portion of the project.

This installation was exhibited as the main installation at the Nikolaj contemporary art gallery, Copenhagen in Spring 2004 and again as part of the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House, London in 2015 and again at the Art Science Museum in Singapore in 2016.

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Art Science Museum, Singapore ‒ 2016
Somerset House, London ‒ 2015
Nikolaj Gallery, Copenhagen ‒ 2004